How To Plan Your Climbing In Google

How To Plan Your Climbing In Google

Competition in the digital world is increasing, and to stand out, it is essential to have an online marketing plan capable of strengthening your brand against the rest.

I assume that you have your website, but you may not know where to go to position it at the top of the SERP … And for that, yes or yes, you have to design your SEO strategy with a good SEO agency Thailand.

Don’t suffer if you haven’t thought about it yet. Today I bring you some useful and effective tips to climb Google to the long-awaited top positions.

Identify Your Buyer Persona

Before launching yourself into the world of head-on SEO, you need to know exactly who you are targeting.

Conduct in-depth research on demographics, lifestyle, preferences, and needs and make a robot portrait of your ideal client.

Find Profitable And Little Competitive Niche Markets

Specifying whether a niche is highly competitive or offers a wide profit margin is something that can determine the complexity of your SEO strategy. It will also affect the budget necessary to face the competition and position your website in a very specific sector above it.

Create A Level Keyword Research

Based on your buyer persona analysis, you have to analyze what type of searches it does and, therefore, what are the best words to position your website and make it find you.

Take A Good Look At Your Competition In Serps

Once we have our keyword research, it is time to “spy” on the competition in SERPs and see what SEO strategy they are using.

For this, you must start by identifying which companies have authority in the searches in which you intend to appear. How to do it? I recommend using a specialized tool, such as Screaming Frog or Semrush.

Strengthen Your Content

Writing original, useful, and valuable content is not an easy task. But, the reward is worth it.

A tip as basic as it is vital is that you open your mind, be creative, and above all, that you put the focus on your audience, which you must keep in mind as Google’s algorithms.

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