Loans – Auto loan or asset loan

Loans – Auto loan or asset loan

If you want to by a vehicle, then definitely you will think about the budget, and vehicle as per that budget. Nowadays, everyone has cars or motorcycles. And to buy a car or bike, people take loans against the assets. Like if you are purchasing a car from a dealership and you want to take it by a loan. People started car pledge (รับจำนำรถยนต์  which is the term in Thai) to reduce the down payment or to raise the loan. Once he repays the loan back, he would get the possession of assets back. And if a person fails to pay the loan back, then they will forfeit the assets.

Auto loans

Auto loans are always taken to buy a vehicle. At the dealership, when people prefer to buy a car with loans. They do in-house finance as well as outhouse finance when people already arrangements to buy a car. Not only cars, but people also decide to take a loan for auto-rickshaws for business purposes, cranes, road rollers, etc. Or some people buy trucks and trolleys on loans to tun their business or for farmers.

Asset loans

Nowadays, people prefer to buy anything with loans eg, people buy mobile phones, on zero percent finance rates. So that’s why they prefer to buy things by taking loans.

Loan to buy assets following

  • Mobile phones
  • Refrigerator
  • Television

And many more things

So, to run the business or for personal the vehicle needed. If you thought it id going out of budget, then you should definitely take loans from a financial institution. Pledged assets are like a down payment. Borrowers retain the ownership of particular assets after repayment of a loan he can take back his asset. Short term loans are very useful to purchase small things like mobile phones and microwaves, TV, fridge, etc.

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