The Best Floor Polishing Products

The Best Floor Polishing Products

The marble, terrazzo and granite floors add an extra touch of beauty and sophistication to any room. These are materials with high durability and resistance, but like any other, they require certain care to keep them in perfect condition for much longer. For this purpose, various floor polishing products or steam cleaners for tiled floor (เครื่อง พ่น ไอ น้ำ which is the term in Thai) have been developed that, due to their variety and effectiveness, represent an essential aid for floor care, as well as being fundamental allies in the economy and long-term savings.

However, not everyone knows its functions and methods of use, which is why a complete guide to polishing and polishing floors with four products that cannot be missed is necessary, not only because they guarantee impeccable results, but also because they are simple of use.

Oxalic Acid For Polishing Marble, Terrazzo And Granite Floors

Due to the hardness of these materials, the polishing process can be arduous and strenuous, so oxalic acid will be the best ally for this task, making it an easy and inexpensive product to apply.

Liquid Crystallizer To Give A Mirror Finish To Marble, Terrazzo, And Granite

Using a floor crystallizer gives marble, terrazzo, and granite floors a clean, glossy appearance. Not to mention that it makes them more resistant to scratches and marks. Its use is simple, it does not need special equipment, and it considerably reduces maintenance costs. This step is done after applying oxalic acid.

White Paste For Polishing And Giving A High Shine To Marble, Terrazzo And Granite Floors

The paste for floor polisher (เครื่อง ขัด พื้น which is the term in Thai) provides the glossy finish and durable that both stand on a floor. Its application is essential to finish the cleaning and polishing process.

Diamond Discs Or Diamond Resin Pads

They are used to sand, polish, stain, and close the porosity of terrazzo, marble, and granite surfaces while providing a much more natural shine without the need to apply false waxes or polishes. They are excellent for these floors thanks to their resistance; Its thousands of microscopic diamonds clean any surface with enviable precision, thus eliminating up to 80% more germs and bacteria than with other tools. So the use of discs for polishing floors is essential.

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