Die-cut boxes for small stuff:

Die-cut boxes for small stuff:

If someone wants to send some small stuff anywhere in the world. Then, using large boxes will be of no use. Because it will be too costly. And, second because of the space inside the box. So, the product will move a lot while shipping. And, it can damage the product too. So, it is better to avoid such large boxes. For such small stuff, people can use Die Cut Box [กล่องไดคัท , which is the term in Thai]. It is best suitable for gift wraps, small stuff that is used in engineering, ceramic industry. A lot of places these boxes are being used.

At first, the design engineer designed the box. Then, the die is set to cut the cardboard.  After the cardboard is cut then it can be customized. And, because it is cut by press machine through die. So, it has given the name of the die-cut box. And, almost in every gift item, these boxes are being used. The thickness of the die-cut boxes can vary from 1.5mm to 2.5mm. This can protect every product that is inside of it. Plus, it also saves money too. That is why it is always being used in packaging every small item.

Die-cut boxes are highly customizable

If someone wants to customize their boxes. Then, nothing is better than a die-cut box. It can be made in any shape and size. And, anything can be printed on it. Any graphic design, company’s logo, name, warning, product description can be printed on it. So, people can almost customize every part of these boxes. Just give the direction to the box manufacturing company and they will manufacture the box.

Save some money by die cut boxes

Die-cut box tape [เทป, which is the term in Thai] saves a lot of money from people. They are not as costly as the big carton box. So, if a company have a small product to sell. Then, they can use this to save money on packaging.

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