How to conduct B2B marketing research for SaaS


B2B market research is a process of gaining a broader understanding and uncovering insights into the marketplace by surveying a sample of its participants, such as existing or former customers, prospective buyers, competitor customers, or the general public.

At the center of every successful marketing plan, market research is vital to any SaaS business. It provides the best method to fully understand your customers, industry, and competitors under a SaaS marketing agency

More specifically, it allows you to evaluate how effective and practical your product solves your target audience’s problems under a growth hacking agency.


To fully understand clients, we support your firm in building up comprehensive analysis on the web or in mobile applications. We can gather knowledge from it to further strengthen user engagement.

Steps of market research:

Problem statement

The researchers need to keep the business’s objective in mind, as the data collected depends on what the business aims to learn under a SaaS marketing agency.

Stakeholders of the company are approached to support the research. Be sure to cram only a few topics of a broad nature under the same investigation, as this can seriously throw the study off under a growth hacking agency.

Research plan development

The next step of the research is to plan out the approach to the study. The business’s objectives are translated into research questions, and hypotheses must be established and tested under a SaaS marketing agency.

Industry experts and key stakeholders are interviewed to gain insight into a growth hacking agency’s research plans and objectives.

Research designing

The next step is a rather complicated one, to design a blueprint to obtain the necessary information to solve the presented research problem under a SaaS marketing agency. 

These designs can either be exploratory, where the tentative understanding is probed, or conclusive, where the hypothesis is tested under a growth hacking agency.

Researchers need to be open to a hybrid approach to data collection and combine qualitative and quantitative data, but ideally, qualitative research comes before quantitative analysis.

Data Collection

Data collection is usually done through surveys that are applied to qualitative and quantitative observation methods. This method uses a structured questionnaire to gather information and opinions of the market under a SaaS marketing agency.

Data analysis

Data analysis may include data entry and checking for missing data points and inconsistencies. For quantitative research, cross-tabulated tables are used to find statistical differences under a SaaS marketing agency. 

Text analytics is analyzed by experts and reported to get the best insights under a growth hacking agency.


Once the research data is analyzed and ready to present, researchers choose their medium of explaining it under a growth hacking agency. 

It also allows for a detailed approach or an overview of the data collected under a SaaS marketing agency.

Set your market research objective

A market research objective is a statement that outlines the specific things you want to achieve, considering your resources and your time frame under a growth hacking agency. 

It helps marketers set clear expectations at the beginning stages of their research to ensure they collect valuable, relevant data under a SaaS marketing agency.

Information used to perform market research.

Research can include both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include speaking directly with customers or organizations within your target market through focus groups, interviews, or surveys under a growth hacking agency. 

Secondary research comes from published sources like analyst reports, company websites, and financial reports under a SaaS marketing agency.

Importance of SaaS business:

Adapt your product.

With the aid of a SaaS marketing agency, you can set your SaaS apart from the competition by understanding your target market’s needs.

When you are familiar with your core customer group, for instance, you may delve further to identify their common problems and address them through product upgrades with the help of a growth hacking company.

Improve your client service.

You discover that your top clients frequently use Feature-A of your SaaS. As part of a SaaS marketing agency, you can highlight that function at the top of your panel to satisfy customers.

Set your price range.

Most SaaS experts believe that how much you charge will determine your success. Your level of success is determined by whom and how you trust. Under a growth hacking agency, segmentation is the first step toward successful SaaS pricing.

Creating the optimal client experience

Under a growth hacking agency, you can improve potential customers’ product or service perspectives by making adjustments based on the client segment. Of course, doing so increases your income as well.

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