How to encourage staff to clean up after themselves in the office

How to encourage staff to clean up after themselves in the office

Did you know that cleanliness is one of the most requested features that employees want? This is something that needs to be a concern for any organisation, and you can easily fix this by hiring a facility management company that offers cleaning services. But you can also look into getting your employees to help you keep a tidier and cleaner environment.

There are a lot of employees that are more than happy to keep their areas tidy but here are a few little tips that we have found to further encourage employees to keep a tidier workstation and also working environment.

You can use visual or text reminders in areas, like communal kitchens and bathrooms. Some organisations even try to make them as witty as possible like “Gentlemen: If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle, Please Be Neat and Wipe the Seat.” It is light-hearted and usually by having these reminders people are more like to take action.

Of course, you can hire a cleaning service from a facility management company. When employees are physically seeing staff come in with the sole purpose of cleaning areas then they are more like to want to keep it up to a high level. Your employees will see your commitment to ensuring their environment are clean and dust-free and will respect that. There are even some cleaning companies that require certain requirements out of the staff to keep areas clean, like ensuring when they finish work for the day that their desks are free from objects so that they can be cleaned effectively, so if you have a messy desk with a lot of paperwork etc, it might be a good time to invest in some storage units to store it away.

Organizations can also stress the need for a clean environment, you can even throw out some pretty horrible statistics of how dirty working environments can affect them in the long run, like how their keyboard probably holds over 7,500 types of bacteria and they are more likely to get ill if they do not wash their hands and desks regularly. Try and make it personal to them.

These are a few tips to help encourage your staff to maintain a clean working environment that will hopefully help ease the stress of this task. It may be a good idea to collect thoughts from your workforce on how they feel the company and themselves can be better at maintaining a clean working environment so that it becomes a team effort.

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