Should I Approach a Witness after an Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate part of life in Cumming and throughout the United States. Fortunately, in many cases, victims are able to recover compensation for their losses. Proving that an accident was someone’s fault is an essential part of obtaining compensation, and, in many instances, eyewitness testimony about how the accident occurred can help you achieve this goal.

This often leaves accident victims wondering whether they should approach witnesses after a serious car accident.  In general, talking to witnesses after a crash is a good idea, but there are some issues you should consider first.

Your Health is More Important

If you are injured in an accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. If emergency medical personnel recommend that you go to the hospital, listen to their advice.

Ask Witness for Contact Information

While you are at the scene of the crash, speak to any witnesses to learn what they observed and ask for their contact information or business card.  Your attorney can contact them later if they leave before the officer arrives.  If possible, encourage them to stay and provide a statement to the officers who are investigating the crash so that it can be documented in the motor vehicle crash report.

Hire an Attorney who Has Relationships with Accident Reconstructionist Experts

In many cases, it is clear whose fault an accident was, and it’s simply not necessary to obtain another person’s account of the accident. In cases where it isn’t clear, it’s always possible to retain an accident reconstruction expert who can help explain what happened. The most effective way to protect your rights after a crash is to retain an attorney as soon as possible. You will want to hire an attorney who has used and has relationships with accident reconstructionist expert witnesses.

Contact a Cumming Car Accident Lawyer to Discuss a Possible Case

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