What Issues of the Real Estate Options You can Solve

What Issues of the Real Estate Options You can Solve

Imagine that you decided to buy a 45 square meter apartment financed in 20 years.If you are single, will you not want to get married for years to come? If you are a childless couple, will you not want more space in the coming years, when children are born?

A good property for you today may not be as good a few years later. Our life is made up of cycles of change. You need life planning. You need to anticipate your future needs.Your property needs to fit into your life plan, not your life needs to adapt to the property.Don’t just think about the “present me”. Think also about the “future me”.Respect your future. This avoids many regrets. A Lawyer Marbella will be there to support you.

Sign the contract without reading or understanding what is written

Please do not sign anything without knowing what you are doing.They will send you to read the contract quickly and will look at your face. You will be ashamed for not understanding anything that is written. And you will sign a contract with dozens of pages and fuzzy clauses without being fully aware of what you are doing.

  • Don’t be ashamed to say that you didn’t understand anything. Don’t be ashamed to ask. Don’t be ashamed to ask for a copy of the contract to take home.
  • The power of a pen is incredible. Take care with the pen. Do not sign anything and do not put your hand in your pocket until you are fully aware of what you are doing.

It is better to spend a little time researching, studying, learning, consulting other people to avoid problems, than to spend the rest of your life trying to solve problems generated by a simple subscription at the end of a bad contract.

Asking questions to the wrong people

When you walk out of the fitting room of a clothing store and run into the saleswoman, do you ask her if she looks good? Do you really believe the answer?

Is it the ice creamer’s role to warn that eating too many sweets is bad for your health? Is it the function of the popcorn maker to warn about the evils of sodium in their food? Is it the banker’s obligation to warn you that you should only spend what you earn?

So don’t expect too much from those who sell a property to you.

Their main objective is to make you buy what they are selling. Every effort will be made so that you have no objections. Anything that can raise objections tends to be avoided by those who sell.

Buy property alone, without the participation of relatives and friends

Your family’s participation is important. The people usually buy 1 or, at most, 2 properties during their lifetime.For this reason, few people have any experience. We often get emotionally involved with the property we intend to buy. It is like a passion at first sight.

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