First, there was snail mail, then email. What’s the newest way to capture the attention of consumers? Video!

And video brochures are a unique way to use this powerful marketing tool.

But whaaat? What are video brochures? Pay attention while we discuss the latest ways to use video to reach customers. You will be amazed!

What are Video Brochures?

Never heard of video brochures? Simply, it’s a screen embedded into hard or softcover brochures. It could be a small business card or a much larger video box, with a screen ranging from 3″ to 10″.

A video brochure plays a video of your choice to highlight whatever your organization is selling or expounding. Videos can be changed whenever you choose by using our uploading software. Also, batteries are rechargeable, so you can easily extend the life of your brochure.

How Can They Help My Business?

If you want to catch someone’s eye, this will do it. According to a recent industry survey, 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. Video especially speaks to younger generations, although any age is captivated by the sound and HDI video speaking your message.

How Much Do They Cost?

Yes, I know this is important. And we’re not talking about $.09 generic business cards. Video brochures run between $25 and $65 per piece, depending on screen size, memory size, and options such as additional buttons. But remember that customers are much less likely to toss this product. It’s likely the shelf life alone will help to woo some new clients.

Why Should I Spend the Extra Money?

You can spend hundreds of dollars on cheap marketing (door hangers, really?!), but if it doesn’t work, you’re getting a poor return on your investment. Make a statement with your marketing with a product that demands attention. Video brochures will undoubtedly set your company apart from the competition.

Will it Be Worth it?

In the end, whether a marketing tactic brings in new leads is the most significant concern. Why waste $500 on a tired print marketing campaign, only to get two new customers? An innovative and impressive method (and long-lasting!) like video brochures may cost more but results in more customers.

How much are new clients worth to you? Certainly more than $25.

Video brochures come in several different forms, from small business cards to custom video boxes complete with samples. What will your potential business clients do when they receive a VIDEO in their direct MAIL? Companies that want to stand out will consider the intriguing new option of video brochures for their next campaign.

Mediafast is a major manufacturer of video brochures. These products are a great B2B sales tool.