Get rid of all types of servomotors:

Get rid of all types of servomotors:

Technology is changing everyday every second. And, some people are using still the old ones. Like in many industries people are using those old Servo motor [เซอร์ โวมอเตอร์, which is the term in Thai]. Even though new advanced servo motors have been come in the market. Which can give great performance over those old servo motors? But people aren’t aware of it or someone doesn’t want to use it.  For those who think they are okay with old servo motor then here are the facts.

  • It comes with a high-quality amplifier that has a 3.5 kHz response.
  • Reduced time in production.
  • High-resolution encoder to provide stable control by lowering torque fluctuation.
  • 1,2,3 axis servo amplifiers are available.
  • It can work with closed-loop too.
  • The range of power supplies and capacity is better.

Is it that important to use servo motor everywhere?

Yes, it is important to use a servo motor for precise positioning. Without the servo, motor machines can’t even cut the product in proper shape. Talking about the robots, in every joint of the robot a servo motor is connected. So, that it can move freely and position better for performing tasks. The most important thing is very small, compact, and provides accurate positioning. That is why it can be used for most of the machine as it doesn’t take much space. And, give a better result that is why every cutting or robot has the servo motor in them.

Advantages of servomotor

Servo motor has a lot of advantages some of them are below

  • High output power and performance in comparison to the size.
  • The encoder gives accuracy and better resolution.
  • The ability to rapidly accelerate loads because of high torque to inertia ratio.
  • When the torque value is high it can achieve high speed.
  • Silent at high speed.
  • Because of the encoder, it provides higher accuracy in a closed loop.
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