Good Tips For Running International Business In Hong Kong

Good Tips For Running International Business In Hong Kong

After incorporating your company in Hong Kong, and letting a HK company secretary service agency to take care of the statutory of your business, as the entrepreneur (or founder) you should move your focus on to the real deal of your business.

Your day-in-day-out business may involve the following items:

  • Sourcing products from manufacturers in Mainland China.
  • Management importing and exporting trades.
  • Setting up import/export procedures and documents.
  • Getting the products out to the business world and potential consumers.
  • Running new product promotions through the user of internet influencers.
  • Expanding the business.
  • Setting up joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • Licensing and franchising the business to other partners.

Benefits for a company

There are benefits of running an international business as a business for the entrepreneur and as a business for the Hong Kong economy. The benefits (of international business) to a company may include the following items:

  • It may increase profits of a company by selling products to many other regions/countries in the world when operating from a place (such as Hong Kong) where cost is relatively high.
  • It may help the company better utilizing the surplus resources and increasing profits in many activities.
  • It may open up new and unknown markets which can lead to enhancing the development of more new business prospects for future expansion.
  • It may be a clever approach to develop and confront markets with different cultures and religions to the operating location of the business.
  • It may help the business diversify risks.

Benefits for a nation (or the place)

The benefits of international business for the actual place (i.e. Hong Kong) may include the aspects below.

  • It may encourage the place (such as HK) to obtain foreign exchange that can be utilized to import merchandise from the different places in the global market.
  • It may prompt the needs of specialization of the city in the production of high-tech merchandise. It may lead to many doors including the creation of some of the best and highly affordable end products.
  • It may help Hong Kong to develop more highly targeted prospects which can lead to the increase in employment opportunities.
  • It may lead to utilizing commodities and services that were used to only produce in other nations/countries. This can improve the standard of living for Hong Kong people.


After all, international business involves business activities that are performed across national borders. It may be purchasing and selling of the goods, commodities and services outside the company’s national borders. Such trade projects may be owned by the state organizations or privately owned companies. When a business explores the potential trade opportunities outside the domestic national borders, it may extend particular business activities such as in the industries of manufacturing, civil construction, agriculture, banking, insurance, health, education, transportation, communication, high tech upgrades and more.



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