How Google Ranks Websites With SEO

How Google Ranks Websites With SEO

Note that SEO is a long-term business. If you’re starting to blog or create a website, don’t expect much traffic from the beginning. I’ll fix myself. Do not expect almost any.

And Google will rely on the following factors to rank websites on Local SERP:

  • Relevance 

the information that businesses have declared, Google determines the suitability and importance of the industry with the knowledge that users are querying. Such as products, services, addresses. The more relevant, the easier it is to Top.

  • Distance – Distance

distance from the location, the user searches (determined by GPS), and the business address declared to Google is considered an important criterion when ranking on the results page. This is understandable, because this is localized SEO, and geared towards a specific geographic area.

  • Prominence – Fame

the popularity of businesses also contributes to the ranking decision on Google Maps. These criteria are aggregated from the information that Google has about that business: links, articles, reviews, average score.

Based on how well a business is known, Google will determine its ranking on the local map.

Google takes into account the purpose of the website, which it evaluates separately for each site. There are different types of places, and therefore the evaluation criteria are changing.

  • The purpose and intent of the site should be apparent at first sight. 

You might want to take a closer look at the separate ” About Us” page. The manual provides examples where the purpose of the page was revealed only on the “About” page or the “FAQ” page (frequently asked questions). Reviewers also rely on your site’s reputation for guiding third-party reviews and reviews. Missing reports are not a drawback for small companies.

The page should have a clear structure, and you can Get SEO done in affordable price(รับ ทํา SEO ราคา ถูก which is the term in thai) to make the page work faster. Of course, there is a home page, as well as pages such as contact or customer support information. It should be clear who is responsible for the site.

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