How to Design the Closet You Require

How to Design the Closet You Require

It doesn’t matter just how small or large your bedroom is, both fundamentals you will need a bed as well as a wardrobe. However, creating the closet can be a burden, as it is repaired and cannot be changed to make room, unlike the bed. So, here is a closet layout guide to help obtain the perfect wardrobe designs [desain lemari pakaian, which is the term in Indonesian] to fit all your requirements from functionality to aesthetic appeals.

  • Positioning and Space Monitoring

To start with, you’ll require to examine the space to fit a closet. For a two-door swing closet, a minimal area of 800 mm is needed, i.e., 2 to 3 ft. But if you want a two-door sliding closet, your area must spare a minimum of 6 ft.

Nevertheless, if the room is portable, it would be suitable to have a sliding door wardrobe. Swing doors need an area to open up the hinged doors, 300 mm. Hence, sliding doors are more space-efficient.

  • What is the Ideal Size?

On average, the elevation of a wardrobe ranges from 7 to 8 ft. Anything greater or lower than this can influence its ergonomic layout as well as storage capacity.

Suppose you call for more storage; after that, choose loft spaces. Nevertheless, if you pick a sliding closet, it’s suggested to not have a loft as the runners on top of a sliding wardrobe cannot take more weight.

Have layers as well as blazers or hefty dresses to hang? After that, opt for 2 ft depth. But if you do not make use of much dangling room and are great with folding your clothes, a depth of 1.5 feet will also function.

  • Materials to Select From

A closet consists of 2 components, the carcass, i.e., the inner body, and the shutter. For the carcass, you have the choices of MDF as well as plywood, whereas the shutters are made of MDF. We suggest MDF for the carcass as it is not only affordable, but plywood tends to bend after a certain time.

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