Never knew a farmer’s market would be this interesting! 

Never knew a farmer’s market would be this interesting! 

Ever wondered what a farmer’s market would be like? Could there be an auction on farming tools? Or does the pashu mela (cattle drive) have farmers exhibiting their best cattle for sale? In the midst of this what if there was a Mexican standoff between the brawny buffalo and the ambitious goat. Naturally, we all will be running away from the mess but the other cattle intend to take part in the fight. To avoid this disaster, here is an agriculture-based app called Krishify. This app attempts to make a convenient digital platform for all kisan (farmer) & traders.

Few benefits that this app provides to farmer’s market are:

Networking: Everybody knows how essential it is to network in order to excel. It brings a push to your existing knowledge. Krishify brings a huge networking platform for farmers. So if you are a farmer looking out for a quick discussion on the kisan market, weather updates, or any questions that come to your mind about crops and crop yielding processes, here is just the right place for you. Addressing your curiosity is safer than being clueless about it.

Farmer’s market: When it comes to taking care of crops, it’s a fact that it’s just not a one-day process. Some crops need daily check-ins, watering & fertilizer spraying. Eventually, farmers miss out or rain checks on their trips to the kisan market. This leads to poor management and production. Krishify with their online farmer markets saves a lot of time for farmers. On this market, farmers get to shop from 5000+ verified farmer shops. There is a giant market and dealing between farmers for tractors, pashu, cattle & various other farming needs.

Deals & exchanges of cattle (pashu mela): When the seller is the buyer and the buyer is the seller. A bit too confusing! In better words, apart from the traders, farmers as well trade between themselv

  1. This forms a community where one farmer wants to sell a cow and there is another farmer who is on the lookout to purchase one. Just the convenient and time-efficient deals for all farmers.

Weather forecasting: It’s super interesting how farmers at times predict the behavior of weather. With veteran experience, understanding of weather becomes easy. Today to aid this skill, there are weather forecasting tools available. Just a digital backup to bring out the live weather updates.

A library of facts & learning: Isn’t it better when you shop for something and there are facts flowing around every time? Krishify facilitates farmers every day with learnings about the weather, pashu, new technologies in farming, and much more. It provides a one-stop optimum source for easy learning and updating for budding and veteran farmers.

To sum up, technology has set an easy ambiance on farming. There is an ample amount of convenience and knowledge all set today for farming. With better learning and understanding maybe this time you can settle the buffalo and goat duel.

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