Silicone Baking Molds: Toxic Or Not?

Silicone Baking Molds: Toxic Or Not?

If you suffer a little, a lot or passionately, you must know the silicone molds. Soft, they allow unmolding cakes, cakes and other muffins without the dough sticking on the edges or at the bottom. But is this material completely healthy?

Silicone Molds, Risk Of Pollutant Migration?

With their non-stick surface, their varied shapes and their bright colors, silicone kitchen utensils have emerged as a real revolution. Among them, the silicone molds that avoid the bottom of pie disasters that stick to the bottom, have convinced more than one pastry fan. But what is this silicone made of?

The food cooking silicone is obtained from the silicon. We add a catalyst which will cause a chemical reaction so that the material takes the desired shape. Two types of catalysts are used to make silicone molds: peroxide or platinum. The two variants of this material, therefore, have different characteristics.

How To Know Which Silicone Mold To Buy Without Taking A Risk For Your Health?

A fairly logical indication is the price. Platinum silicone is a rarer and therefore more expensive material. Also, it takes a little longer to make platinum silicone molds because of this important cleaning step. A silicone mold at a very low price should, therefore, put you in the ear.

Beyond the silicone rubber price (ยางซิลิโคน ราคา, which is the term in Thai), check that the silicone mold has the certificate of conformity to the suitability for food contact, which guarantees that the migrations remain within the limits of the regulations. It must specify the use for which the product is intended as well as the conditions of use.

However, there is no question of going without cooking utensils that make life easier. The key is to make the right choice. Let us take no risk for our health and that of those we love by making our favorite cake in a good silicone mold.

They can be used at very high temperatures, up to 260° C. Guaranteed BPA-free, they are safe for health, provided of course that the conditions of use are respected.

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