The Best of Polished Plastering Process: What Details to trust On

The Best of Polished Plastering Process: What Details to trust On

Polished plaster is based on crumbs of semiprecious stones, creates a luxurious and expensive interior due to the play of light and soft mother-of-pearl glow of the surface). As you click here you will be able to know the options that you can have in polished plastering as and when you will contact with companies like Evoke Polished Plastering. It is that kind of a company that opens up to the details of their work to their clients. Specially about the different features of the polished plastering and the elements used for the same, they can be consulted.

What are the types of polished plaster: current trends

  • Bark beetle (the surface resembles a tree eaten by bugs-bark beetles).
  • Marseille wax (ideal for creating interiors in the French style; imitates aged stone or natural wood).


Universal, flexible mixture based on acrylic resin. It can be painted in any color with the help of pigment paste. Products are sold in finished condition, packed in buckets. It has the following properties.

  • It dries quickly.
  • Suitable for rooms with high humidity and temperature extremes.
  • Durable – service life up to 15 years.
  • The finished surface is easy to clean.

And also the mixture has three drawbacks. It will easily burn, may crack under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and has poor vapor permeability.


The composition of this polished plaster includes lime, cement, particles of minerals, stone chips and clay. Below are a few features.

  • The coating is most in demand, as it is inexpensive and easy to apply.
  • Sold as a dry powder.

The finished layer is not afraid of moisture and frost, is resistant to abrasion and is the most environmentally friendly of all.Before work, the wall must be well primed and putty all the bumps.Three more advantages: fire safety, ease of care, breathability. Disadvantages: fragility (maximum period of 10 years), the possibility of staining only after complete drying, and low elasticity.


This is the most durable variety of products. A connecting element in it is liquid potash glass. The silicate type of coating is considered hazardous to health, so it is often used for facade decoration. Repels dirt, water, keeps on a surface till 20 years.

Facade plasters for a country house: what they are and how to work with them


This is another flexible, durable resin-based mixture. Its only negative is the high price. The rest of the material is impeccable for decorating the interior walls of apartments and houses. It contains various fillers, pigments and antifungal supplements . Among the advantages are:

  • breathability
  • strength
  • easy care
  • moisture resistance
  • resistance to fading
  • good grip on any surface

The coating is easy to apply, it is sold ready-made, which eliminates mixing errors. The disadvantage is that the wall must be pre-treated with a primer of the same manufacturer. This increases the cost of the work.

Invoice classification

Below we will consider the types of textures of polished plaster. We list their names and demonstrate in the photo how the final result will look.

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