The Difference Between Soldering Fans and Fume Extraction Units

Suitable filtration and ventilation are required in works related to soldering, adhesives, advanced manufacturing, etc. because of the various hazardous particles and gases that are produced as a result. Now, there are daily exposure limits and ultrafiltration because lead exposure and low-quality air can lead to cancer, respiratory diseases, and vision disorders.

The difference between Solder fans and Solder fume extraction is that the Solder Fansusually consist of a fan that draws air with an activated charcoal filter and operates silently.  It has a large surface area because this, in turn, makes a better-documented fan filter rate, and this gives accurate coverage and filtration efficiency. Solder fume extraction units have activated carbon filters and multi-stage inline HEPA filters. They improve air quality in commercial, industrial environments. Filtration by low molecular weight Puratex uses molecular modification to convert a large number of chemical pollutants to non-pollutant gases.

On comparison of Soldering Fans vs. Solder Fume Extractor, DIY Soldering fans are relatively cheaper compared to solder fume extraction systems. High-end fume extraction systems have multi-user configurations and operational specific features. It can support 3D printers, heavy-duty industrial use, and computer-based management. Soldering Fans are used mainly for small scale soldering within domestic personal consumption.

Fume Extractor vs. Soldering fansHigh-end fume extractors have HEPA filters that can remove 99.99% of polluting particles. The carbon filters remove all the toxic chemicals. This maintains the efficiency of induction. Soldering fans have meager capture rates. Studies show that soldering fans capture only 20-50% of particles in their thin carbon activated fibers used in DIY soldering fans. They are relatively smaller and have clamp mounts that are used to mount to any surface.

Centralized solder fume extraction system connects a large number of solder points to a centralized fume extractor capturing hazardous and harmful soldering fumes within a work environment. The filters of an IP Systems Solder Fume Extraction System can be customized according to the user’s needs.

The different types of Solder Fume Extraction Systemmodels are:

  • Portable model
  • Tabletop model
  • Centralized multi-user model

Soldering fans have no control over where the air is redirected to whereas fume extractors can redirect and control where the fumes are to be flowed out. To reduce long term health hazards, its best to go for the fume extractor rather than the solder fan, which merely blows the fumes away.

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