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Transcription Services are the most portable and enhanced way to convert a live or a recorded speech into a written document. Whether one talks about podcasts, interviews, lectures, seminars, speeches, or YouTube videos, these services are already playing on the front foot. Since the use of transcription lies on the typing capability, a typist is the most essential for the successful transcription. Sometimes, finding a good typist could be a hectic task. 

Therefore, online transcription services came into existence. The online method is being explored for decades, and undoubtedly, the given method ensures affordability, reliability, and versatility to its users. The services being provided are: 

Audio transcription – The audio transcription converts audio files of mp3, au, or m4a formats into human-readable documents. 

Video transcription – Any video format can be broken down into words by using a video transcription method. You need to highly attentive when listening to the video so that the information is conveyed correctly.

Media transcription – Documentaries, shows, or radio broadcasts can be easily transcribed into the written format. Thereby proved to be of immense help!

Corporate transcription – If you are from a corporate world and want a highly efficient written form of a seminar or speech, then transcription is good-to-go. 

Academic transcription – Academics play an important role during an upbringing. This service will allow you to change the thesis or a report’s audio into a readable form. 

Interview transcription – It can be tiresome to write a recorded interview for a magazine or newspaper. Hence, of the video’s transcript is the most effective form to present the thoughts without indulging in it. 

Talking in a nutshell, transcribe the audio formats, and save your precious time and prove to be of immense help in saving your energy. The availability of various online platforms is an added advantage for the customers. 


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