A Few Great Places to Put a Viny Wall Covering

Vinyl wall wraps give business owners and homeowners the chance to turn blank walls into an opportunity to showcase beautiful artwork. They can be printed on any scale, so whether clients want to display simple, inspirational quotes on the walls of their homes or promote their company’s brands with large logos or tastefully designed artwork, all options are on the table. Read on to find out about just a few of the applications for a high-quality vinyl wall covering in residential, commercial, or office settings.

Create Unique Accent Walls

Have a blank space that looks out of place? Instead of paying to have it painted with one boring color, install a vinyl wall wrap. High-quality wall wraps can showcase unique artwork or photographs, adding a touch of sophistication and style to any home, office, lobby, or commercial space.

Showcase Inspirational Quotes

Vinyl wall coverings don’t have to portray complex artwork. A simple inspirational quote in the right font installed in a home office or a workplace can keep workers motivated and on-track. Lettering can be cut out of solid color vinyl or printed onto a backdrop that also incorporates relevant images.

Exterior Wall Wraps

Vinyl wall wraps aren’t just for individual walls on the insides of buildings. They can be used to improve the appearance of just about any exterior surface, as well. When installing a wall wrap to the outside of a building, it’s best to go for a matte finish to cut back on unwanted light reflection.

Company Logos

Want to make a real impression on customers in a retail store or restaurant? Install a full wall vinyl wall wrap that prominently features the company’s logo, branding, or products. It’s a great way to highlight popular products and increase brand recognition.

Reduce the Appearance of Wear in Highly Trafficked Areas

Vinyl wall coverings that feature dark or neutral-colored hues and patterns can reduce visible wear in highly-trafficked areas like hotel lobbies and hallways. These colors are less susceptible to the visible effects of aging, as well. Just make sure to purchase high-quality wall coverings.

Turn a Bathroom into an Oasis

When properly installed, vinyl wall coverings are impermeable to moisture. This makes them perfect for use in commercial and residential bathrooms. Choose a design that matches the bathroom’s decor to turn an otherwise boring room into a soothing oasis or home spa.

Brighten Up Pediatric Facilities

It can be hard to make healthcare facilities seem appealing to kids. Pediatric clinics and dentists’ offices can use vinyl wall coverings to create a more child-friendly environment, giving their young patients something to focus on during lengthy procedures. Since vinyl can be washed and sanitized, a well-installed wall mural will hold up fine to the rigorous cleaning procedures used in healthcare facilities.

The Bottom Line

There are almost as many uses for vinyl wall covering as there are themes and designs to choose from. Order a custom print or request help from a professional designer to come up with a wall wrap that will perfectly suit your business, office, or home.

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