Who Are The Intermediaries Behind Digital Advertising

One of the reasons why journalism has seen its income fall and even more fails to rebound on the web is that the traditional audience-media-advertiser equation has been invaded by endless new actors who want their share of the cake. In the past, the public and the media were massive because they aimed – and could only do so – at the “general thing.” But times have changed, and the study of the audience and the strategies to capture them have expanded, diversified, and reached surprising latitudes of knowledge. Thus, between journalism and the advertiser, there are many, many other companies.

Digital Advertising In The Era Of Mobile Only

Far from creating the usual content and uploading it to the network, doing digital advertising or getting a license first like that of getting a request for food advertising license (ขอ ฆอ which is the term in Thai) implies thinking about a user who is in contact and interacting with their mobile devices all day and who expects a particular style of communication and conversation: speaking to them in their language and providing you with meaningful content has to be the goal of digital advertising.

Digital is not a medium: it is in the middle of everything, and while it is quite a challenge that involves adaptation and learning, the good news is that thanks to technology, the company never knew as much about its target audience as it does now: what time it connects, from what device, what it shares, what Visit pages, what you buy on the web and much more information is completing a profile that allows you to target communication to the target that we know will want to hear it, without wasting investment.

Massive recommends using the main exchanges and technologies to achieve the most efficient and targeted investment. Creating attractive content for each of the segments and focusing on the user, developing integrated campaigns, and based on strategic thinking as the basis for creating incredible, powerful, and simple experiences is the way of working of this digital agency.

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